Majora’s Mask warm up painting 

I did another painting to get into the groove! i’m feeling a mighty need to play Majora’s Mask.

really link should be on epona here but whatevs yo. 

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Rough painting of Sheik drawn for fun a few days ago. I love the light-armor look of Sheik’s Hyrule Warriors redesign! I also wanted to try recording again, and screencaptured this while painting, and made a little video out of it to amuse myself.

Click here for the time-lapse process video on YouTube.

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Legend of Zelda Illustrations - Created by Polaara

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"Let us exchange the promised masks."

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 requested something from Twilight Princess with a palette of my choice, so here is Midna with #8!  I’ve been trying to do these without too much blending but I just said screw it on this one ha.

 requested the Deku Palace Guards from Majora’s Mask with #12!  (I forgot how cute these little buggers are! No matter how frustrating they can be, eh heh…)

Aaaaaand an anon requested Midna riding wolf Link with either #7 or #12!  I chose 7 because I would never be brave enough to use these colors if left to my own devices… but it was fun!  (Now if only imp Midna weren’t so hard to draw kdjfbgjdfb)

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girl you have no idea

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