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girl you have no idea

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roses are red

violets are blue


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Victory by *egriz

Hey I painted this before I had a Tumblr, but I still like it. These games are rad.

I’ve always really liked Link, and that every reincarnation has his own distinct personality, while fitting the role. Twilight Princess Link is just a nice, quiet guy, and he does whatever favor you need, no questions.

And then there are the moments in the game where, all alone, he strikes a pose or has a bit more flourish than necessary. So to me, he’s capable, he knows he’s capable, and he takes pride in it. And yet, he’s very reserved. The fact that he’s so driven to do what’s right, so aggressively tunnel visioned, and simultaneously soft spoken and then allows himself to be pushed into things is interesting.

So here he is, victorious. Can’t help a smile, but there’s bigger fish to fry.

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The twilight sky has such pretty colors~

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"To restore the Desert Colossus and enter the Spirit Temple, you must travel back through time’s flow…  Listen to this Requiem of Spirit…  This melody will lead a child back to the desert."

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